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2021 Awards / Scholarships

2023 Awards / Scholarships

2023 SER Awards


Woc Nurse of the Year

Lauren Mixson, BSN, RN, CWON


Lauren Mixson

Rookie of the Year

Kristen Cowperthwait, BSN, RN, CWOCN


Kristen Cowperthwait


North Carolina State Recognition Award
Cordelia Lucas-Sherrod, MSN, RN, CWON


Cordelia Lucas-Sherrod

2023 Scholarships

Advanced Practice

  • Paula Marshall


  • Dannielle Viera, BSN, RN

Conference Scholarships

  • Noshabeh Berahman BSN, RN, WCC
  • Stephanie Burrough, BSN, RN CWOCN
  • Ioana Forrester RN, CWON
  • Dee Dee Jones, CWOCN
  • Becky Mallonee BSN,RN,CWOCN
  • Julie Simpson

Messages from Conference Scholarship recipients:

Noshabeh Berahman

Noshabeh Berahman BSN, RN, WCC

I am honored to have been selected to receive the 2023 SER WOCN conference scholarship. I am grateful to have been able to attend this conference and learn the vast array of information, expertise, and knowledge shared at the conference. Meeting such caring, lovely, and passionate professionals is inspirational and memorable. The lectures were simply amazing and educational. We were fortunate to have heard a speaker share her heartfelt personal experience and emotional journey in becoming a nurse. Hearing her story was uplifting, and inspirational. In addition, this conference gave me the opportunity to learn about new products from various vendors that may benefit our patient outcomes. It was amazing to hear of the new advancements in technology and development of evidence based cutting edge products designed for the prevention of developing pressure injuries and the overall safety of our patients and patient outcome.

Moreover, The Sloughing off the Medical Malpractice Lawsuit lecture was particularly memorable as it was a reminder to us all the numerous aspects involved to ensure a high quality of care to our patients especially when it comes to documentation and following implementation of orders. I am excited to share and transfer all that I learned at the conference with my colleagues so that we can continue the improvement of our clinical practice and outcome of our patients and reinforce trusted methods. The SER WOCN® conference offered attendees including myself new techniques and methods of clinical guidelines. I am extremely grateful to all those involved in organizing the conference for giving me the opportunity to join and be part of the SER WOCN conference. It was an inspiring, educational, and an overall joyful experience. I hope to be able to attend future conferences. Thank you all for the hard work and dedication to excellence and patient care.

Stephanie Burrough

Stephanie Burrough, BSN, RN CWOCN

Thank you so much for the scholarship to attend the SER WOC conference. I appreciate this opportunity and the support it provides so I can learn and grow as a WOC nurse. I believe that conference attendance is important in re-igniting our love to learn. The conference highlighted multiple areas of my practice that I can improve upon to provide the latest in evidence-based practice for my patients. I am a student at heart but within day-to-day practice it is easy to become complacent with routine. Each time I attend conferences, I am reminded of my passion for learning and providing the best care for my patients.

As a Nurse Manager of a Wound Clinic, one of the sessions that stood out to me was “Limb Salvage Program” and I fully intend to take what I’ve learned back to our administrators in hopes of one day working towards that goal within my facility. Another session that I feel will make a direct impact on my practice is, “Sloughing off the Medical Malpractice Lawsuit.” It provided very helpful and practical advice and myself and my peers will benefit. The session entitled, “WTA: Wound Treatment Associate Program: Expanding Your Team,” was very interesting and a program I was not educated on previously. I plan to share this program with my facility in hopes it will help to bridge some gaps in the future in wound care knowledge for my hospital. The symposiums also had wonderful speakers and provided truly thought-provoking seminars. I really enjoyed meeting with new vendors and networking with our regional members. Thank you again for this opportunity and the scholarship to attend the SER WOC conference.

Ioana Forrester

Ioana Forrester RN, CWON

I am very grateful to the SER WOC for sending me to the conference. I have been a wound care nurse for five years and never attended conference. This scholarship has afforded me the opportunity to grow professionally and network with my peers.

It is eye opening to see all the different aspects regarding law, supplies, professional practice, and best practice care. I loved the sessions. The speakers were all fantastic. I loved networking with peers and loved to hear about the different things the organizations are doing. Thank you for the opportunity to improve my practice.

Deidre Jones Dee Dee Jones, CWOCN
Moffitt Cancer Center

Three little letters..WOW! The opportunity to attend the SER WOCN Regional conference certainly had a WOW factor. The scholarship provided by SER WOCN chapter enabled me to attend sessions by Mikel Gray, Joyce Black, and the always endearing Joanna Burgess-Stocks as well as several other stellar speakers. To see them speak live will resonate with me forever and has provided pearls of wisdom to enhance my current practice. As a first-time live conference attendee, I was able to form relationships with other WOCN’s a feat simply not possible without in-person attendance.

Other notable speakers enhanced my knowledge of lymphedema and wound healing, continent ileostomies, nutrition, limb salvage, pediatric ostomy management and pelvic floor dysfunction. Topics were diverse and engaging and hit in a way that I can use in my everyday practice even though I may have originally thought the topic may not have been applicable. True nuggets of gold!

I met so many wonderful people, including other WOCN’s from the region and beyond. I also had the opportunity to connect with multiple vendors to discuss challenging patients and the solutions that they might be able to provide. I am excited to bring to my colleagues’ new product innovations to enhance the care provided to our patients.

I cannot say enough how wonderful the whole experience was and I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to attend as a scholarship recipient.

Becky Mallonee

Becky Mallonee BSN,RN,CWOCN

What does attending the SER of the WOCN Society annual conference and business meeting mean to me?

It’s been fantastic! Accommodations have been wonderful, food and snacks delicious, and speakers are great. As I’ve said before, I started looking forward to next year conference as soon as closing remarks are over.

Posters were quite interesting and educational. One can tell a lot of blood sweat, and probably tears went into the production of each poster. The vendors were interactive and friendly. I love hearing about new products and new ways to provide treatments to patients. I appreciate all their ways of support.

The best part of all was listening to the different speakers and having the opportunity to ask questions. I can’t rank any one of the presentations over the another. They were all so good. I enjoyed the variety of topics and am looking forward to what lies in store for the final day on Saturday. The flow of events has gone well. The proximity of the hotels to the conference center has made it easy to Attend all events. There has been sufficient time for breaks and catching up with old friends.

Sharing information helps to validate what I do as a WOC nurse, the only WOC nurse at my facility. Even though I am a team of one, I always feel I can reach out to other WOC nurses for support and that’s what makes me want to keep going to another conference year after year. Don’t know when the time will come for me to put away the nail clippers and Dremel drill, scalpels, measuring rulers, ostomy supplies, and educational materials. But I do know, it won’t be any time soon. There are many more SER of the WOCN Society conferences for me to attend.

Julie SimpsonJulie Simpson

Attending the Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses (WOCN) southeast regional conference was an eye-opening experience that refreshed and broadened my understanding of various aspects of healthcare, nursing, and patient care. The conference covered an array of topics, each of which provided valuable insights and practical knowledge for me as an attendee.

One of the key takeaways from the conference was the significance of proper care for lymphedema patients. Learning about the intricacies of lymphedema care, including techniques to reduce swelling and improve patient comfort, underscored the importance of tailoring treatments to individual patient needs.

The conference delved into the legal aspect of nursing documentation, shedding light on potential dangers, and offering strategies to mitigate legal risks. The insight provided into the intricacies of documentation from a legal perspective was eye-opening. Learning how to maintain accurate and comprehensive records while adhering to legal requirements is crucial in safeguarding both myself and patients.

The conference also served as a valuable platform not only for learning but for fostering connections and camaraderie among colleagues and vendors. The event provided an opportunity for both new and established coworkers to come together. The social aspect of the conference allowed me to share insights, exchange experiences and discuss challenges.

In conclusion, the WOCN conference provided a comprehensive and enlightening experience. From the intricacies of lymphedema care to the legal considerations in documentation, from updated malnutrition assessment tools to addressing challenges in new nurses' integration, and from continent diversion creation and emergent care to pediatric ostomy patient support, the conference covered an array of subjects that enriched my knowledge and perspective. This newfound understanding will undoubtedly contribute to enhancing patient care and my nursing practices moving forward.

The networking and interaction not only enriched my personal and professional connections but also contributed to an overall sense of unity and shared purpose within this nursing community. Being a recipient of this scholarship gave me the ability to gain all of these experiences.

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