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SER Consent to Serve

SER Consent to Serve

Consent to Serve form is due Monday, May 14, 2023. 
Be sure you have your WOCN® membership information before starting this form (form will not save on exiting).


Note: the information supplied on this form will become your Candidate Profile. After submitting this form, also send a current image of yourself to be used on the candidate profiles page. (Hi-resolution image required; image may be cropped by our webmaster to fit page requirements. (send picture to

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enter N/A if not employed

Biography and Qualifications

Past and Present Society Participation

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By typing my full name here, I confirm I have read and understand the duties and responsibilities of the office for which I am submitting my name. If elected, I agree to fulfill the duties of the office to the best of my ability.


Note: If the form does not submit, go up the page to make sure you've completed all required fields.

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