Dorothy Doughty Education Scholarship Fund

2020 Advanced Practice Nursing Education Program Scholarship Criteria and Application

Submission Closed June 30, 2020

Southeast Region of the WOCN® Society is proud to offer scholarship awards for those nurses wishing to attend graduate school. Scholarship applications are accepted once a year. Deadline for submission is June 15, 2020. Applications may be submitted before the program begins.

Scholarship Criteria:

Scholarship recipients will be solely responsible for all federal, state and/or local taxes associated with the scholarship. In the event, a recipient receives an amount of $600 or more, they will be required to submit a W-9 form BEFORE receiving scholarship payment.

The SER does not share/exchange application information with the WOCN® Society.

The following items must be sent to the SER of WOCN® Society Director of Awards at time of submission. IF ITEMS ARE NOT RECEIVED (or postmarked) on June 15, 2020 THE APPLICATION WILL BE REJECTED

  1. One letter of recommendation signed by the person writing the recommendation, preferably on letterhead
  2. Proof of one of the following: acceptance, current enrollment or graduation (within current calendar year) from a NLN accredited nursing program or other accredited college/university
  3. Proof of current WOCN® Society membership
  4. Proof of WOCNCB® certification in one or more specialties
  5. If available, proof of employment within the SER of the WOCN® Society
Send materials to:

by email:
Postal mail:
SER of the WOCN® Society
c/o Bernie Haberer, Manager
36181 East Lake Road, Ste. 376
Palm Harbor, FL 34685