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2009 Award Winners

WOC Nurse of the Year:
Ann Moore from Atlanta Medical Center, Atlanta, GA

Rookie of the Year:

Elliott Douglass from Nashville, TN

Elliott DouglasI am the first WOCN for Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and I began in June of 2007 amidst a whirlwind of Medicare changes, pressure ulcer prevention initiatives, and setting up this program from the ground up. I chose to come to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital because it definitely has a special place in my heart. I am a Nashville native and in 1977, at the age of 3, was terribly sick, requiring admittance to the PICU, intubation, the whole nine yards. Things were grim for me at the time, but the fabulous care that was given to me by the nurses and doctors, not only saved my life but inspired me to become a nurse. I achieved that dream of becoming a nurse in 1997, and a WOCN ten years later after working in the burn and trauma unit for that time. What is truly unbelievable for me is that I now work with the very doctor that saved my life so many years ago, Dr. James O’Neill. It is truly the most fulfilling way to spend my days, giving back to this place that gave me back the precious gift of life and doing a job I love so much, which is being a pediatric WOCN. (I have attached the article which was in the paper about me and the live saving measures Vanderbilt took to save my life.)

I had no idea that I was even nominated for this award, nor did I realize that there was a “Rookie of the Year” award to begin with. After the conference weekend, I received a message from a colleague asking me what had happened over the weekend and did I need to share something with him. I had no idea what they were talking about and they said “just give it time and you’ll see I am not going to ruin it”. I was intrigued and totally thinking something bad was to happen, as I had had a pretty rough work week the week before. I just knew I had not done something with a patient, missed an important meeting, or something like that. But they wouldn’t tell me what happened, but kept repeating, “It’s all good”! I then received this weird email from a sales rep that was congratulating me, but still had NO CLUE what it was about, the email never said. Now it’s getting really weird to me, but no one would even acknowledge any of my questions about it…. It wasn’t until later that my fellow WOCN’s had a surprise lunch in which they said HAPPY BRITHDAY!!! (My birthday was in August, this was first part of October). Totally confused about the whole thing, I was handed the plaque and told that I had received The Rookie of the Year for the Southeast Region. I was utterly floored, touched, and speechless!!! To have this award was more than I could have dreamed of, and still when I look at it can’t believe it. I have never won anything before and I felt lucky, proud, and grateful that I am in a field of work in which I love my job, I love the people I work with, and I love my patients most of all. This is my love and I am so blessed to be able to do what I do every day. This is so appreciated, more than you will ever know!!!

Elliott Douglass, BSN, RN, CWOCN

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Honorary Scholarship Recipients:
Mary Lou Boyer from Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Conference Poster Winners:
1st Place - Sharon Aronovitch and Robbie Sharp - "Quality of Life for Patients with Ostomies Living in the Big Bend" view PDF

2nd Place - Lorna Buntichai, Aileen Ankrom, Talitha Brooks-Andino, Merrill Fraser, Patricia Perlow, Cynthia Timms - "Improving Wound Recognition and Pressure Ulcers Indentification/Staging on Admission" view PDF

3rd Place - John Hallowell - "What is the Cost of Pain" view PDF

Sharon Aronovitch
Robbie Sharp
Lorna Buntichai
Aileen Ankrom
John Hallowell

Dorothy Doughty Research Grant:
Leanne Richbourg & Jane Fellows from Duke University Hospital, Durham, NC

Celebrate WOC Nurse Week:
Marie Desiree Lacandola from Dr. P. Phillips Hospital, Orlando, FL

Fall Conference Scholarship:
Macie Craft from Jackson Hospital, Montgomery, AL
Julia Hall
Ashley Williams from Emory Univeristy Hospital Midtown, Atlanta, GA
Cynthia Bond from Emory University Hospital Midtown, Atlanta, GA
Adrian Reid from Atlanta, GA
Rhonda Hosey from Atlanta, GA
Mini Varghese from Winter Park Hospital, Winter Park, FL
Christy Hoke from Catawba Valley Medical Center, Hickory, NC
Letra Davis-McDuffie from Palmetto Health, Columbia, SC

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