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WOC Nurse of the Year
Regina Holmes, MSN, RN, CWOCN, CFCN, FNP-BC
Nominated by: Cindy Norris

Regina Holmes - SER 2011 Woc Nurse of the Year Nurse of the Year Plaque

Laura Shafer, Cindy Norris, Regina Holmes


Rookie of the Year
Angela Dye, RN, BSN, CWOCN
Nominated by: Cynthia Timms and the Emory WOC Nurse Team

Angel Dye - SER 2011 Rookie of the Year  
Angela Dye, Cindy Norris, Merrill Fraser, Cynthia Timms, Aileen Ankrom  

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Honorary Scholarship Recipient
Carolyn S. Watts, MSN, RN, CWOCN
Nominated by: Bonnie Thompson and
Martha Davidson

Leanne Richbourg  
Bonnie Thompson, Carolyn Watts, Martha Davidson  

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Celebrate WOC Nurse Week
Melanie Owens, BSN, RN, CWOCN, CFCN

Melanie Owens - SER 2011 Celebrate WOC Nurse Week award winner

Melanie Owens  

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Fall Conference Scholarship Recipients

Rebecca Taylor, RN, BSN
UNC Children's Hospital in Wake Forest, NC
Nominated by Lara Leininger
Marilyne Averitt, RN, BSN
Gateway Medical Center in Clarksville, TN
Nominated by Donna Elkins
Rebecca Taylor - SER 2011 Conference Scholarship Award winner Marilyne Averitt - SER 2011 Conference Scholarship Award winner
Rebecca Taylor and Cindy Norris Cindy Norris and Marilyne Averitt

Youth Rally Camp Scholarship

Jada Sheeler - 16 year old
Sarasota, FL
Nominated by Joan Jacoby


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Cycling for Scholarships

Katherine Jeter, EdD, ET
Sarasota, FL

Katherine Jeter's Ride Katherine Jeter
Map of Katherine"s Ride Katherine Jeter - Presenting Keynote Speech

2011 Conference Posters

2011 SER Conference Poster Presenters
Patricia Moore, Sheila Carter, Barbara Bagby, Amy Bandelier, Joan McInerney, Bonnie Thompson,
Angela Sutton and Christine Reuscher - accepting for Marlies Niehuser
1st Place 1st Place - Marlies Niehuser, RN, BSN, CWOCN
Title: "Routine Skin and Wound Care in the Emergency Department of Kennestone Hospital"

1st Place Poster
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Christine Reuscher - accepting for Marlies Niehuser
2nd Place 3rd Place
2nd Place - Barbara Bagby, RN, BSN, CWOCN; Nancy Scott, RN, BSN, CWOCN
Title: "Choosing the Right Skin Protectant Paste for a Cancer Hospital"
3rd Place - Joan A. McInerney, MSN, RN-BC, CWOCN; Mary Applegate, BSN, RN, CWOCN;
Sandra K. Wheeler, RSN, RN, CWOCN
Title: "Incontinence Quality Improvement Plan Results"
2nd Placeview PDF 3rd Place view PDF

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Recognition of Past Board Members

Past SER WOCN Board members being recognized  
Dot Lawson, Charlene Demers, Martha Davidson, Marta Bullard  

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