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About SER of the WOCN® Society

About SER of the WOCN® Society

About the SEC of the WOCN® Society

We are an official region of the WOCN® Society with approximately 700 nurses throughout the Southeast Chapter comprising of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Our Mission

Wound, ostomy and continence (WOC) nursing is a multifaceted, evidence based practice incorporating a unique body of knowledge to provide excellence in prevention, health maintenance, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitative nursing care to persons with select disorders of the gastrointestinal, genitourinary and integument systems. This complex, interdependent specialty encompasses the care of all patient populations across the continuum of care while providing a pivotal role as educator, researcher and resource throughout the healthcare community. WOC nursing directs its efforts at improving the quality of life for individuals with wound, ostomy and continence concerns.



The SEC of the WOCN® Society believes that nursing as a profession enhances health-care services to a multifaceted society and includes prevention, health maintenance, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation. WOC nursing, wound, ostomy, and continence care are areas of specialty practice within the framework of nursing that strive to advance the health care and quality of life of all affected individuals.

The SEC of the WOCN® Society believes that continuing education and research provide the basis for current, comprehensive nursing practice for patients with wounds, ostomies, and incontinence. Learning may occur on a basic, advanced, or continuing educational level and combines the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and clinical expertise. The SEC of the WOCN® Society provides and approves quality continuing education for its members and for other health-care professionals in order to enhance and improve WOC nursing practice.

By a process of accreditation, the SEC of the WOCN® Society promotes high standards of education and requires a baccalaureate degree with a nursing major or an equivalent as the entry level for WOC nursing education programs and for specialty courses in wound, ostomy, or continence management.


The SEC of the WOCN® Society shall foster high standards of practice related to the care, teaching, and rehabilitation of persons requiring the management of wounds, ostomies, and incontinence. It will promote the professional and educational advancement of the WOC nurses and specialty nurses involved in the care of persons with wounds, ostomies or incontinence; therefore, providing persons in need of these services with the opportunity for optimal care and rehabilitation. SEC of the WOCN® Society participates and collaborates with multidisciplinary organizations.