2019 SER of the WOCN® Society Awards

Woc Nurse of the Year

David Crumbley, MSN, RN, CWCN

Resides in Auburn, AL
Works at Auburn University School of Nursing and Baptist Medical Center South
David Crumbley
David with Family

Rookie of the Year

Sarah Gibson, BSN, RN, CWOCN

Sarah Gibson
Resides in Newland, NC
Works at Appalachian Regional
Medical Center
Graduate of Emory University WOCNEP: Certified March 2019

GA State Recognition Award

Lucinda “Cindy” A. Bufford, BSN, RN, CWOCN

Jason Pratt


Cindy is recognized for her dedication to the WOC nursing profession, to serving patients, supporting physicians, educating nurses and for mentoring
new WOC nurses.

Jason Pratt

$1200 Conference Scholarship Awards

Judy Burbage
Resides in Hanahan, SC

Judy Burbage

The Southeast Region of the WOCN met in Columbus, Georgia this year. We talked, learned and laughed together. I look forward to SER conference every year, attended several over the years, and have not been disappointed. This year was no exception. The planning committee did a phenomenal job putting together a conference that was affordable, informative, entertaining and even relaxing. Maybe just being away from work for a few days was relaxing! Conference topics were presented by respected, knowledgeable professionals. One of the advantages of the regional conference, is that the speakers are one of us, approachable and practical. The information presented was certainly applicable to what we do as WOC nurses every day. There was exciting research presented, real life stories we could all relate to, and some tricks of the trade that kept you on the edge of your seat to find that “nugget of knowledge” that might be the key to unlocking your most challenging patient. Networking is an added bonus to attending conference. It is refreshing to chat with colleagues from all over the southeast and realize though we may work in different areas, so many of our daily challenges are very similar. You begin to realize what a small world we live in as you introduce yourself to someone who works in a neighboring town. And now, you have a new resource and friend. The vendors are eager to meet you, listen to your questions and share with you the latest innovative products to better care for your patients, and make your life easier. SERWOCN gives scholarships annually to attend conference and further your education. I encourage you to take advantage of everything your professional organization has to offer you! Get involved, you won’t be disappointed! Thank you for the scholarship.
Judy Burbage, BSN, RN, CWCN.

Elizabeth Jones
Resides in Columbia, SC

Elizabeth Jones

I am so thankful to be a member of a region that helps to support those of us that need help defraying the cost of conference. Once again the South East Region did not disappoint! I was able to attend both the preconference session and all other provided sessions over the three day conference and enjoyed each and every one of them. I always learn something new even after being in this specialty for over 20 years. The Georgia WOC nurses organized an awesome group of speakers. I truly enjoyed hearing Dr. Joyce Black, Dr. Terry Treadwell and Dr. Niall Galloway share their knowledge and expertise. Having been on the Poster Review Committee in the past, I was thoroughly impressed with the impromptu session allowing the Poster owners to present their ideas and findings. I hope to see this continued in future conferences. Thanks again for a wonderful conference, SER WOCN!
Elizabeth Jones, BSN, RN, CWOCN

Terry Postma
Resides in Ocoee, TN

Terry Postma

This was my first time attending the SER Annual Conference. I would like to Thank the Society for awarding me a scholarship. "Bridging our Past to our Future in historic Columbus, Georgia was an amazing experience. The educational sessions were presented by many of our 'mentors' and well respected colleagues in the WOC arena.They bring a wealth of knowledge and heartfelt compassion for the patients we serve. I was able to network with fellow WOC nurses and make new friends. The Southern hospitality was evident in the location, hotel and food. I attended all the sessions, viewed the posters and enjoyed meeting the knowledgeable exhibitors. The First Time Attendee's reception was a welcoming experience. I am looking forward to next years conference in Orlando, Fl. Thank you again,
Terry Postma, BSN, RN, CFCN

Jamie Talton
Resides in Lumberton, NC

Jamie Talton

First off, I would like to say thank you to the SER WOCN Society for awarding me one of the scholarships to attend my first WOCN conference. This was my first WOCN conference, and it did not disappoint! My favorite class was the preconference on mastering the art of managing enterocutaneous fistulas. I love to absorb all of the information on fistulas that I can. My second favorite session was “The Law and How It Affects Our Nursing Practice.” I found this session helpful, especially as an FNP. The little tidbits of info on how important documentation is, was invaluable and really hit home for me. Lastly, something Rhonda Sullivan stated really resonated with me during her presentation on “Go Lean: Building Bridges Between WOC Nursing Practice and the Business of Healthcare.” She made the statement that “wound care is not a money making business, but a money saving business.” Prior to this conference, I was in contract negotiations with HR at the hospital. I had been wondering to myself how I could get administration to better understand that wound care helps save the hospital money. The day I got back to work from conference, I typed up a report including her statement, how much each stage hospital acquired pressure injury costs the hospital, and our decreased rate of HAPIs this year. I’m not sure if it impacted contract negotiations, but I did get bonuses included in my contract. It was nice to be able to use information she provided in this class, and put our numbers down on paper and take it to the C-suite. In summary, this was my first WOCN conference, but will not be my last. Again, thank you so much for awarding me a scholarship to attend, I sincerely appreciate it and I learned invaluable clinical information as well as business information that I have and will continue to utilize in my practice.

Sincerely, Jamie Talton, MSN, FNP-BC, CWOCN

Holly Thornton
Resides in New Bern, NC

Holly Thornton

Thank you for awarding me a scholarship and allowing me the opportunity to attend this year’s SERWOCN Conference in Columbus, Georgia. As a fairly new WOC nurse, being able to network and learn from experienced providers was truly rewarding and allowed me to bring new knowledge and ideas into my own practice setting. This is the first conference I have ever attended and was not disappointed! The location was terrific, hotel and venue were breathtaking, and the speakers were hands down the best around…enlightening, engaging, and entertaining! Many of the ideas discussed—apps for continence, for example—have already been implemented into practice since returning to work or shared with our patients. I attended all of the Symposia as well as the general sessions and poster presentations. Having each of the authors present their posters on the last day of conference was a great idea! A lot of time and effort went into these projects. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the vendor booths and exploring what they had to offer—some of the products and innovations I had never heard of before so I learned a great deal from them as well. Having products to bring back and put to the test has been great, too. Thank you again for selecting me to receive one of the scholarships this year and I look forward to future conferences.
Sincerely, Holly Thornton, BSN, RN, CWOCN New Bern, NC

Dorothy Doughty Education Scholarship Awards

Advanced Practice

Jill Danahy, BSN, RN, CWON

Savannah, GA
Works at Memorial Health University Medical Center

Completed education to become an Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

Jill Danahy


Michelle Gehring, MSN, RN

Resides in Montgomery, AL
Works at Baptist Medical Center South

Enrolled at Emory University WOCNEC

Michelle Gehring

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