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2020 Awards / Scholarships

2020 Awards / Scholarships

2020 SER Awards


Woc Nurse of the Year

Nancy Scott


Nancy Scott Nancy has served in various board positions for the Florida Association of Enterostomal Therapists as secretary and director of Nominations and conference chair.

She dedicated time and service on the SER board as the Awards Director. She is newly elected as the SER Chair of Nominations for 2021 / 2022.

She is active with community Ostomy Support group, Men's Health Forum, and Metropolitan Ministries.

Nancy served our nation in the USAF Nurse Corps, and retired as a Colonel.

She currently recertified as CWOCN and works at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa!

Rookie of the Year

Hannah Cleveland


Hannah Cleveland Hannah always comes to work at Northside Hospital with a smile and ready to give 110%. She goes out of her way to help her patients and families. Her willingness to always help, pick up an extra shift or float to another facility has created great rapport among her and the other WOC staff as well as staff nurses. 

Hannah exemplifies high professional standards by advocating for her patients for their needs even when it means more work on her end or the physician or case manager. If it is what is right for the patient Hannah will speak up and voice that and push for what is needed. That may not be popular at the time but she is acting as the patient's advocate and she is respected by her peers and those she works with in the interdisciplinary setting for her willingness to speak up for what is right.

Hannah is also active in her church and assists her husband at his school with the students, as well as involved in her running/fitness group.

2020 Scholarships

Advanced Practice

  • Ashley Baxter
  • Margaret Burden


  • Juleigh Vargas

Conference Scholarships

  • Felecia Barnes
  • Cynthia Barney
  • Stephanie Fortenberry
  • Stephanie Garcia
  • Jason Pratt

These Conference Scholarships were rolled over for the 2021 Conference in Orlando, Florida.