Battling Biofilms: How to Win The War in Wounds

The Alabama State Nurses Association Approval Committee has approved “Battling Biofilms: How to Win the War in Wounds.”
Educational activity number 2-0.1790.
This program has been approved for 1.0 contact hours and is valid through November 15, 2018

  Instructions for completing program and applying for ONE (W) contact hour:
Note, the pages for this program are not built on newest web technology, and are best viewed on a computer monitor or larger tablet.  
  1. View Complete Presentation
  2. Complete Evaluation Form at the end of the presentation
  3. Submit Evaluation Form
  4. Certificate for 1 CE (W) will be emailed within 2-3 business days

You are responsible for self-reporting your contact hours to your State's Nursing Board.

Alabama nurses - you are responsible for reporting your hours to the Alabama Board of Nursing. It is important that you leave the “provider number” field blank on your individual transcript; however, all other information must be completed.


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