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Positions Open for Election in 2019

  • Secretary
    The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings and record decisions of the Board, review minutes and assure distribution to the Board and membership. The Secretary shall communicate with the Board regarding execution of other secretarial duties. The Secretary shall serve as membership chairperson and shall oversee all membership records.
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  • Treasurer
    The Treasurer shall be responsible for the oversight of all transactions and reporting. The Treasurer shall be responsible for dispersing funds as approved by the President. The Treasurer shall be responsible for investing funds as directed by action of the Board. The Treasurer shall provide a written report on the financial condition of at all meetings of the Board and at other times when called upon by the President. The Treasurer’s records shall be reviewed by an independent accountant or accounting firm approved by the Board whenever a Treasurer leaves office and as requested by the Board.
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  • Director of Conference Planning
    The Director of Conference Planning, Conference Chair, President, Event Planner, and the Association Manager will work together to determine a site for the meeting and recruiting committee members as needed. The Conference Planning Director, will assist the Conference Chair in facilitating the planning process.
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  • Director of Special Projects
    The Director of Special Projects shall develop products for sale to supplement professional practice of the Society's members, such as slides or other educational support materials. This director also collaborates with and assists the Annual Conference Poster Chairperson.
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Directors attend two board meetings / year. One meeting usually held in January on a Friday and Saturday for planning conference details.  The other meeting held at the annual conference - usually on Wednesday evening before conference starts. All approved costs and expenses are reimbursed per our operating policy.

The Leadership team for the SER of the WOCN® Society must function to achieve the business of the association and to continually work for the improvement and growth of the organization. All Leadership team members need to be knowledgeable about the roles and responsibilities of other team members in addition to their own.

Top Six Reasons to Serve on the Board

  1. Your support allows for the Southeast Region of the WOCN® Society to continue promoting high standards for all WOC nurses
  2. Each Board member receives a stipend to cover expenses for winter board meeting and Conference
  3. Leadership role provides PGP points toward re-certification
  4. Regional Offices can help you to prepare for National Office
  5. Great networking
  6. Become a valued member of the SER of the WOCN® Society
The Difference is You!



  • June 15: Nominations / Consent to Serve Forms Due


  • July 1: Candidate Profiles Online
  • July 15: Online Voting Opens


  • August 15: Online Voting Closes


  • Results are Announced at Conference in Columbus, GA!

Qualifications and Term

  1. No person may serve as a Director unless he or she has been a member of the Region and the WOCN Society for at least one year. In addition, a candidate for President or President-Elect should have served at least one year on the Region Board.
  2. Region members who are employed by a commercial industry that provides products or services as defined in the WOCN policy are eligible to serve on the Region Board of Directors (“Industry Director”), provided that no more than two (2) Industry Directors, each of whom must be from different companies, may serve on the Region Board at any time.
  3. Directors serve for a term of TWO (2) years from their election or appointment and may serve TWO (2) consecutive terms IN THE SAME OFFICE. In no event may any Director of the Region serve for more than ten (10) consecutive years.
  4. No member who is holding office as an Officer or Area Director on the WOCN Board of Directors may concurrently serve on the Region Board of Directors.
  5. The President-Elect automatically succeeds to the office of President at the end of his or her term as President-Elect; and for one year as Past-President to help mentor the new incoming President-Elect.
  6. The term of office for each director shall begin on the first day of the calendar year following his or her election.