Abstract submission for 2019 conference will open in February 2019

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Poster Information

The Conference Planning Committee invites you to submit an abstract describing a research study, case study or practice innovation in the areas of professional practice, wound, ostomy or continence for poster presentation. Current board members are not eligible to receive cash awards but are still welcomed to submit abstracts for consideration.

Cash Prizes:

  • 1st Place ~ $1000*
  • 2nd Place ~ $ 500
  • 3rd Place ~ $ 250

*NOTE: Award recipients will be solely responsible for all federal, state and/or local taxes associated with the award. In the event, a recipient receives an award for $600 or more, they will be required to sign tax documents (W-9 form) before receiving payment.

A committee composed of representatives from the Conference Planning Committee completes the review process.  Abstracts are blind reviewed (meaning the person who reads and rates an abstract does not know the name of the author).

Looking for ideas or Help?

Poster Tips File

SER of the WOCN® Society hosted an e-Learn program “Tips for Abstract Writing and Poster Design/Display”. Click here to review this presentation

For additional ideas, vist the Past Conferences page to view prior years' posters.

General Information  

  • Abstract submissions are due no later than August 1, 2018 (form will be availabe in early March)
  • Download and review the _2018_Poster-Checklist-Guidelines PDF file.
  • Your poster should be self-explanatory.
  • You may not use brand and/or company names in your poster. They can be included as a footnote.
  • At least one author must register and pay the regular registration fee for attendance to the 2018 SER of the WOCN Annual Conference.
  • Each author must provide Conflict of Interest information. The primary author is responsible for collecting and including this information on the abstract submission form.  (In the event there are more than 10 authors listed, contact bhe@serwocn.org for an additional COI form.  We cannot make exceptions after the submission date (8/1/2018) has passed. 
  • Abstracts go through a blind review process, so please be sure neither the author(s) name(s) nor facility affiliation(s) appear in the abstract body text.
  • Your credentials on your abstract and poster should be listed in the following order:
    • Education (highest earned degree first)
    • License (Designation required by the state)
    • National Certification
    • Awards and Honors
    • Other certifications
  • A PDF copy of your actual poster is required no later than August 12, 2018 to be eligible for judging and a cash prize. This should be submitted to bhe@serwocn.org.
    • If your file is larger than 15 Mb, please contact bhe@serwocn.org for instructions in how to submit it.
  • Prior to conference, we will assign a freestanding 4 feet by 8 feet poster board on which to display your poster.  You will be notified of your assigned poster board number. Poster materials should be on a thin poster paper / cardboard or they will likely not stay in position.
  • You may display only one poster per abstract submission.
  • We will provide push pins to attach your poster to the board.  If you prefer another method of securing your poster, you will need to provide the supplies.
  • Handouts are neither required nor recommended.  All posters will be available online for attendees to download and/or print after conference.
  • Poster travel tubes and containers must be removed from the poster display area once you hang your poster.  We cannot store these for you.
  • There will not be access to electricity in the poster session area.
  • Presenters are responsible for the set-up and pick-up of their posters at the designated times If your poster is not removed at the designated time, the poster will be discarded. SER of the WOCN® Society does not accept responsibility for missing or discarded posters.
  • We ask that you be present at your poster during the last hour of vendor time so that participants may have the opportunity to talk with you about your research and/or ask questions about your poster.  Consider posting your contact information on your board in the event that other participants would like to ask you more about your research.  This may be displayed as a small unlined card (information should be typed) or a business card.

Abstract Content and Format

Abstracts are brief summaries of the overall goal of an offering and the specific ideas or concepts to be presented, including outcomes and implications for practice. Abstracts essentially answer four questions:

  1. What was the problem?
  2. How did the author(s) solve it?
  3. What was discovered? What was the result?
  4. What can be learned from the experience
    • The abstract title should convey the content of the abstract and must not contain product trade names.
    • Please do not include any images or tables with your submission.
    • References are optional and should be limited to no more than five.

Review Process

All submissions will be judged using the following criteria:


  1. Topic: Is the topic significant to wound, ostomy, continence and/or professional practice?
  2. Purpose: Is the purpose/objective clearly stated?
  3. Methodology / Clarity: Are the methods described, appropriate and clearly stated?
  4. Statistics: Appropriate statistical methods been used.
  5. Results / Conclusion: Are the results and conclusion presented in sufficient detail to address the research questions or aim?


  1. Topic: Is the topic significant to wound, ostomy, continence and/or professional practice?
  2. Purpose: Is the purpose clearly stated? Is a description included that identifies the need for the practice innovation?
  3. Objective: Is the objective clearly stated? Is a summary of the purpose and objectives for the practice innovation included?
  4. Outcomes: Are the outcomes included that relate to the problem and objective(s)? Key measures or indicators are used to evaluate the outcomes described.
  5. Clarity: The abstract is well written, and ideas are clearly communicated?


  1. This category requires at least 3 cases, but could include more. It would be considered RARE to submit a one case scenario unless the condition or research is especially unique, which indicates that the condition is so very rare, or the solution so groundbreaking, that it has not been discussed before.
  2. Statement of Clinical Problem: Is the clinical problem/challenge, clearly articulated and relevant to WOC nursing practice?  Are relevant clinical data included (age, gender, primary related diagnosis and relevant co-morbidities)?
  3. Description of Past Management: Is the duration of the clinical problem stated? Are past management approaches and patient responses described?
  4. Current Clinical Approach: Are the management plan and any changes made to it described along with rationale?
  5. Patient Outcomes: Is the patient response described, including time frame for response, objective and subjective data?
  6. Conclusions: Are clinical implications identified along with limitations? Has the author limited conclusions to this case only, without generalization to general population?


All poster abstracts must convey relevance to the field of wound, ostomy and continence nursing in one of the following areas:

  • Research
  • Practice Innovation
  • Case Study Abstracts (3 cases need to be presented)

Abstracts should be brief (300 word limit please) and include:

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Purpose/Significance
  • Methodology
  • Outcomes and Conclusion

The online application for submission provides prompts for the necessary information required to submit an abstract.