As of February 2018, the Dorothy Doughty Research Grant is no longer available as there have been no applications in many years. Instead, the Education Scholarships have been renamed the Dorothy Doughty Education Scholarships, with increased funding to support additional members.

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Applications are now CLOSED.

Applications WERE due by June 15, 2018.

Dorothy Doughty Education Scholarships

Conference Attendee Scholarship

Five $1200 Scholarships will be given

2017 Conference Scholarship Winners

Kristy Gentry

HUGE thanks to the SER of WOCN for selecting me as a scholarship recipient. This award allowed me to attend my first conference. The conference was an amazing, eye-opening experience. I realized that I have joined the best region of nurses that share the same crazy interests as me in the world of wounds and ostomies. The speakers and presentations provided me with a broader knowledge of various topics and situations that I will not only apply to my practice, but also share with my partners and patients. The exhibit hall was fantastic and I loved seeing the samples and hearing the information of the many different options available for use. Most of all, I enjoyed the warm and inviting feel by the board and members attending this amazing conference. I look forward to seeing everyone next year in Myrtle Beach.

Stephanie Grant

I thoroughly enjoyed my first conference at the SER Knoxville conference. I had heard so many wonderful things about the SER conferences and it really did exceed my expectations! The speakers were great and so informative. It was great to connect with the vendors as well as other fellow WOC nurses. I attended almost all of the symposiums and would recommend to anyone else planning to attend a conference. It was nice to receive such a warm welcome as a "first time attendee" and I feel so fortunate to have received a scholarship to attend the SER conference. I look forward to another one!

Hannah Hogan

I was honored to be awarded a scholarship. I became a CWOCN in 2016 so it was incredible to be able to spend time with everyone, sharing thoughts with colleagues, learning from experts, and hearing from all of the experienced WOC nurses. I hope to use the knowledge to expand my practice. I particularly appreciated the following: Susan Scott and her insights about perioperative pressure injury prevention, Christine and Dr. Muldoon speaking about high output ileostomies, and Rhonda Sullivan’s advice regarding the legal aspects of WOC nursing. Special thanks to Martha Davidson for encouraging me to come to conference. I came home with a kick start into how I can better my practice and lots of specific tools to help me along the way.

Deborah Nelson

This SER Conference “Choose to Shine” was spectacular! The sessions were all relevant and engaging. I was very pleased with the caliber of speakers. I was able to bring three specific items of change to my facility. I was excited about the poster topics and utilized viewing time with the presenters. This level of peer to peer interaction is invaluable for our specialty. I had the privilege to experience the conference from the perspective of a volunteer and committee member. I would highly recommend if you are considering getting more involved to just do it. I am a fairly new WOCN, and look forward to our Regional Conference as a compass to guide my practice. I feel privileged to “Rub Elbows” with such a brilliant group of clinicians. Hope to see everyone next year in South Carolina. P.S. I loved our canvas bags this year!

Aimee Quillen

The logo chosen for the conference “Choose to Shine, Change the World! WOC Nurses – Leading the Way!” made a powerful statement with this first time attendee to a WOCN conference. All the topics were interesting and the presenters were engaging. The Poster Exhibit was full of information. I was delighted to see how many projects were going on. The exhibit hall was a great place to mingle and learn of new products. The sponsored symposia were inspiring. Networking at the conference has given me some ideas and good resources to reach out to. My biggest surprise was finding a quality improvement project to introduce at my hospital. This conference proved to me that the logo adopted can become reality. Feeling inspired is the way I left the conference, and it created a desire and a knowledge base to share in my facility and community.